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Brain Injury/ TBI

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OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine

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Brain Injury/ TBI is a major cause of hospitalization, disability, and death on a daily basis throughout the nation, and the world, according to the CDC and WHO.  Enhanced recovery and benefits have been proven with a variety of programs designed to accelerate the “Neuroplasticity” of the brain that facilitates rebuilding, regenerating, and enhancing brain recovery.  Many remarkable recoveries have been achieved through these comprehensive regenerative programs throughout the world in similar interventional regenerative facilities, as per patient studies, responses, and testimonials, for everything from Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Senile Tremors, Aneurysms, and of course TBI.  Please call for an appointment to discuss your brain disorders and how we can design a comprehensive brain program to help you too.