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Advanced Pure


Advanced Pure Platelet Rich Plasma (AP-PRP)

First, “This is Not Your Father’s PRP, or even your Grandfathers…!”

Standard PRP has a Rich 50 Year History within Innovative, Pioneering, and Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine. 

Standard Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) was originally developed in the 1970s and was first used during open-heart surgery in the late 1980s, and involves centrifuging a sample of the patient's own blood to yield a product capable of 2-3 times the normal human healing process. With improvements, the double-spun PRP became the Standard for “Self-Healing” with 5-7 Times the Normal Human Healing Process.

However, this “PRP Process Has Now Been Refined and Improved” by Dr. Cole to the point where Humans Can Achieve 10-15 Times the Normal Healing Process, and Expertly Placed by some of the Most Skilled and Caring Interventional Physicians, Resulting in “World-Class Regenerative Treatments”

The “Advanced Pure - Platelet Rich Plasma” Now Represents One of the Most Powerful Tools Mankind Possess to “Have the Body Heal the Body,” and without unnecessary drugs or surgeries.

However, to achieve this “Original Bodily Structure and Function,” we must First Remove the Damaged, Broken, Excess, or Non-Functional Tissue… (You can’t restore that classic car without removing the rust and the bondo…) This is why the Advanced Pure - PRP is Superior to Any Other Regenerative Products on the market today! 

Advanced Pure - PRP can “Remove, Rebuild, and Restore You Too”... Naturally!

Why? Because your blood already has the Blueprint… The DNA… That Orchestrates the Accelerated Regenerative Building Process. 

Therefore, Dr. Cole’s Proprietorial “Advanced Pure - Platelet Rich Plasma” is one of the Most Powerful Regenerative Medicine Treatments on Earth, as it uses Your Own God-Given Healing Properties in your blood to repair diseased or damaged tissue… Kind of like Rebuilding a House or Restoring a Classic Car, but at an “Unprecedented Rate of 10 -15 Times Normal Healing” The Body may be “Restored Back to the Original Build.” 

However, Everything is Patient Dependent, as we are all different, with different needs, different disorders, and different severities, so healing times and degrees will vary between different patients. However, this Accelerated 10-15 Time Normal Healing Process Will Continue to Rebuild Your Body for up to One Year!

Bottom Line… “Sometimes it takes more than one coat of paint to get it back up to snuff.” 

At OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine, William Cole Jr., DO, and the Expert Team have a Proprietary Processing Program that allows us to create a More Advanced and Superior PRP that maximizes your Gid-given healing powers: the Advanced Pure PRP treatments. Find out more about how our Advanced Pure - PRP Treatments can Change Your Life! Call the office closest to you or book an appointment online today.

“What is Advanced Pure - Platelet-Rich Plasma (AP-PRP)?”

Advanced Pure - PRP is the Highest Form of “Self-Regenerating Medicine, and it is Made From Your Own Blood, as this Unique Form of “Self-Healing” contains the Highest Concentration of P, in addition to Platelets, Growth Factors (which trigger cell production and tissue regeneration to repair the damage), along with Healing Mechanisms, and even some natural stem cells that exist within your own blood, that result in our “Clotting Cascades” and our “Self-Healing Processes.” Without our Regenerative Processes, we would not be able to exist for more than a day!

When Perfectly Placed Under Fluoroscopy or Ultrasound Guidance into your diseased or damaged tissue, the healing properties in Our Unique Advanced Pure - PRP will stimulate and r accelerate your own body’s natural repairing processes, but “10-15 Times Faster, and For up to One Year.”

We can also use photogenic cell activation prior to your Advanced Pure - PRP Procedure. Photogenic cell activation dramatically improves the release of the growth factors in PRP, prolonging the healing benefits by as much as a year.

Nothing on God’s Green Earth Can Heal Your Body Better Than Your Own Body…Nothing!

“Am I a candidate for Advanced Pure - Platelet-Rich Plasma?”

YES! (But only if you have a pulse…)

Dr. Cole and The OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine team conducts a Comprehensive Evaluation, thoroughly reviews your medical records, and performs diagnostic testing so they can find the underlying cause of your pain condition before making any treatment recommendations.

Why? Because “We Only Do It Once, We Do It Right, and If It Is Not Going To Improve Your Lives, We Will Not Do It At All.” 

Once we understand the True Source of Your Underlying Pain or Dysfunction, Dr. Cole and His Expert Team will create a “Custom, Effective, Multidisciplinary Care Plan. You may benefit from our Advanced Pure - PRP Treatments, so if you have an injury or disease that Does Not Resolve With Traditional Medicine, Call Dr. Cole Today to Get the Help and Treatments You Desire, and Deserve!

“Where is Regenerative Medicine Effective…?”

Our team may also recommend the “Advanced Pure- PRP Treatments” following an injury or chronic disorder to “Accelerate Your Natural Healing at the Specific Site up to 10-15 times normal healing*. 

It is Effective for Many Types of Injuries or Disorders, Chronic or Acute, Home or Work, Sports or Accidental, Arthritic or Torn, Pre or Post Surgical.

Advanced Pure-PRP is Appropriate for Injuries or Disorders of the Following:

  • Ligament 
  • Tendon 
  • Muscle,
  • Joint
  • Bone
  • Cartilage
  • Meniscus
  • Labrum
  • Bone
  • Spine
  • Blood Vessels
  • Nerves

Please Note: Organs and Deep Cavity Tissue Can Benefit from Regenerative Medical Treatments. However, the World-Class IV Regenerative Therapies are Much More Effective Than Trying To Access Them From Peripheral Areas.  

Hence, Generalized IV Therapies May Assist When Localized Treatments are Insufficient…

All are Performed Under Fluoro or US Guidance for Precision Placement with Sterile Technique, to Yield the “Unparallelled Optimal Regenerative Outcomes” you desire… and deserve.

 “Nothing Can Heal the Body Better Than the Body… Nothing!”

“What Happens During My Advanced Pure Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment?”

Your Advanced Pure PRP treatment at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour. After an Extensive Historical Review or Charts, Images, Tests, Patient Interview, and Physical Examination, Your Regenerative Expert will Recommend Regenerative Procedures Specifically to “Decrease Pain, Increase Function, and Improve Your Quality of Life,” as All Procedures Must Meet This Criteria to be Ordered. Dr. Cole Believes that a Procedure Must Be Done to Improve a Patient's Quality of Life… Or It Should Not Be Done at All.

The Advanced Pure - PRP Process is Simple! First, a phlebotomist takes a tube of blood from your arm to prepare your Advanced Pure- PRP, including photogenic cell activation (if indicated). Then, the Blood Sample is Processed via a “Proprietary Protocol” that yields Your Super-Healer Advanced Pure- PRP Product ready for placement.

Your provider then Performs the Appropriate Procedure for your Advanced Pure - PRP under Fluoroscopic- or Ultrasound-Guided Imaging, which ensures Perfect Placement of Your Bodies Healing Properties. Because Our Advanced Pure - PRP uses OnlyYour Blood, There Are Minimal Risks of Side- Effects or Rejection l.

The Advanced Pure - PRP with Dr. Cole at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine Naturally Eases Pain and Increases Function, and Without Unnecessary Drugs or Surgery, the Way Mature Nature Intended it…

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cole to see if you’re a candidate for the Advanced Pure - PRP Treatments by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.

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