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Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative Medicine is the Future of Health Care in this Great Nation, as the Current Drugs and Surgery Based System We Now Have IS Not Working!

Workers Deserve Better Care, Patients Deserve Better Coverage, Parents Deserve Better Health, and America Needs a Better Healthcare System… That Actually Works! 

Dr. William Cole Jr., DO, and hie Expert RegenerativeTeam at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine in Sarasota and Venice, Florida, can provide “World-Class Regenerative Medical Treatments. These “Life-Changing Treatments” are based on Innovative Proprietary Processing Systems to Enhance Healing with Custom-Guided Interventional Treatments for Perfect Placement and Best Outcomes. 

For Regenerative Medicine Treatment of Unparalleled Quality, Accuracy, and Outcomes call the OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine office nearest you or book online today with Dr. Cole so he can “Find-It, Fix-It,” by “Having Your Body Heal Your Body”… Naturally!

“What is Regenerative Medicine?”

Regenerative medicine is Well Established and Ever-Expanding Alternative area of healthcare that Focuses on Removing and Replacing Diseased, Arthritic, or Damaged Tissue, rather than the “Typical Drugs and Surgery Only” Treatments that Only Manage Symptoms, but Never Resolve the Underlying Problems… 

OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine has state-of-the-art practices that utilize Many World-Class and Innovative Treatments and Therapies to Ease Your Pain, Promote Your Healing, and Restore Your Function. That includes Advanced Regenerative Medicine Therapies that may include Nano-Technologies, Amnio-Biologics, Cell-Derived Solutions, and even Harmonization of Your Body with Quantum Enercuetical Optimization to remove hazardous energy fields that Disrupt Natural Bodily Function… 

The Human Body Is Absolutely Amazing In Its Ability To Rebuild Itself!

This is the Basis for All Regenerative Medicine at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine, and Dr. with his Expert TeamAre Focused on Bringing the “Future Of Medicine” to All His Patients, asYou Deserve a Better Quality of Life! 

What Regenerative Treatments Are Available?”

There Are As Many Types of Regenerative Treatments As There Are Disorders, as Each Disorder Has a Customized Regenerative Treatment.

Dr. Cole and the OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine Team offer Many Different and Innovative Regenerative Medicines and Treatments Customized to Each Individual Patients Needs.. These Exceptional Treatments can Enhance Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities by First Removing Unwanted Bone Spurs/ Arthritis, Torn, or Scar Tissue that Causes Pain and Dysfunction. Then by Activating the Natural Grow and Healing Factors, Promoting Strong Immunity Cell Activation for Replacement Tissue Production, and All Orchestrated by Your DNA Blueprint..,. Which is in Every Single Cell in the Body…!

Hence, We Can Help You to Have the Body Heal the Body, Back to the Original Design.

That is the Beauty of this “Self-Healing Process”... 

Nothing Can Even Come Close to Our God-Given Ability to Heal, so Why Not Do It Naturally?

 Our List of World-Class Regenerative Treatments Include (but are not limited to) the Following:

  • Advanced Pure - PRP
  • Natural organic Nano-Tech Therapies
  • Amnio-Biologics
  • Medical-Grade CBD Based Pain Products
  • Autologous Based Cell TherapiesIV Advanced Immuno-Boosting Therapies
  • Anti-Aging Therapies
  • Micronized Growth and Healing Factors
  • Body Beautification Formulations
  • Mindful Regenerations
  • Chronic Covid Complication Restorative Therapies
  • Harmonized Body Balancing
  • Electro-Protective Environment 
  • Nutraceuticals

Your body can be directed to use its own supply of Autologous Biological Regenerative Cells to stem the tide of diseased or damaged cells with transform into specialized “Auto-Healing Cells, like muscle, bone, cartilage, tendon, vascular, or even regenerative nerve cells, in order to “Have Your Body Heal Your Body,” as no drug or surgery in the world can do.

The Naturally Organic Regenerative Therapies at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine are all Enhanced and Advanced Therapies compared to the stem cell therapies of your grandfather, and Superior to all other “Traditional Therapies,” to “Decrease the Dysfunctional Tissue, Augment Natural Healing and Revitalization Processes within your body, Facilitate Regeneration, Rebuilding, Recharging, and Restoring your body to its pre-disease, dysfunction, disorder “Healthy State of Being” 

Advanced Pure - Platelet-Rich Plasma (AP-PRP)

Our Advanced Pure - PRP is a “Proprietary Process” that Yields One Of the Most Powerful Types of Regenerative Medical Treatments that Exists Today, as it contains the Highest Concentration of the Natural Autologous Platelets from Your Blood. This Superconcentration of Platelets contains Massive Amounts of Growth and Healing Factors that Initiate Cell Reproduction, Repair, and Tissue Regeneration, as No Other PRP products can deliver. 

At OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine, our Advanced Pure PRP may undergo “photogenic cell activation” via Light or Mechanical Activation prior to guided placement at the injury sites, enhancing the healing benefits of your Advanced Pure - PRP Treatments.

CALL TODAY To Get Your Expert Regenerative Evaluation with Dr. William Cole!

What Are Advanced Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Infusions and ImmunoBoost Therapies and How Do They Work?”

OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine also provides Revitalizing IV Nutrient Infusions to Support Your Body’s Natural Healing Processes, that contain Essential Ingredients that Boost Healing and Immunity and Decrease Pain. 

Our “Advanced IV-ImmunoBoost” (AIV-IB Incorporates “20 Natural Vitamins and Minerals” that are NIH Proven to Facilitate Boosting of Your God-Given Immunity, Antioxidant Support, Reduction of Respiratory Infection, and Virucidal Properties. When AI (Artificial Immunity) can only protect your body so far, AIV-IB (Advanced IV-ImmunoBoost) can Augment Your Immune System's Natural Defenses… NATURALLY!

“Have These Advanced Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Infusions and ImmunoBoost Therapies Been Studied?”

66 Extensive Case Studies, Double-Blind Studies, Meta-Analysis Studies From the National Institute of Health (NIH) on the Health and Immune Benefits of These Natural Vitamins and Minerals Against SARS and MERS Coronaviruses. An Additional “Pre-Vaccine, In-House Study of 150 Patients” Was Performed by Dr. Cole and OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine Revealing Staggering Patient Protection From Infection and Confirmation of the Previous NIH Study Results. (A list of NIH Studies on the Benefits of Natural Vitamins and Minerals Against Coronaviruses available upon request)

By Supporting Our God-Given Immunity and Ability to Fight Off Infection and Disease, Mankind Has Survived Millions of Years… Our Advanced IV Immuno-Boost Will Assist in Maintaining Your Health… NATURALLY!

(Please Note: This is not an “Artificially Induced Immune Response” through a shot, commonly known as “AI.” This is Your Body Protecting Your Body… As It Was Meant To Be!)

“I Heard That a Patient with Regular Medicare and a Secondary Insurance* Can Get Regenerative Treatments that Are Covered…

Is This True?”

YES! You May Qualify Medicare Covered Regenerative Treatments!!!*

For the First Time in the History of this Country, Dr. Cole and the OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine Group are Allowed to Participate in a “Special Medicare with Secondary Insurance Program”* that Pays for “World-Class Regenerative Amnio-Biologic Treatments” called “Fluid Flow,” WITH NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES!!!

These “Medicare Covered Regenerative Treatments”*are on a “First-Come, First-Serve” Basis, and Only for Those Patients Who Qualify.

For those patients who can only dream about “Having Their Body Heal Their Body” due to financial constraInts, THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME, and 100% Covered!*


“What is Fluid Flow?”

Fluid Flow is an Amnio-Biologic liquid allograft rich in growth factors and cytokines that can promote healing and reduce pain. Fluid Flow is a Rare “Medicare-Covered”* Regenerative Medicine Treatment available to those who qualify. This amnio-biologic is so effective at Regenerating Any Type of Human Tissue, that it is FDA sanctioned, and Covered by Medicare* 

“Am I a candidate for These Amazing Medicare Covered* Regenerative Treatments?”

Let’s Find Out…! You Deserve a Better Quality of Life, Yes?

Schedule a consultation with the pain management specialists at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine to see if you’re a candidate for regenerative medicine. 

“What Areas Can I Get Treatment with This Medicare Covered* Regenerative Treatment, and Where Can I Not?”

The practice offers world-class life-changing regenerative treatments with unparalleled DNA-driven healing and custom-guided interventional treatments you can’t find anywhere else.

Call OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine or schedule your consultation online today.

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