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Regenerative medicine


The “Future of Medicine” without drugs or surgery is NOW !

As An Osteopathic Physician for 15 years, CEO of Two certified Pain Clinics, and survivor of a near- fatal car wreck, Dr. Wm. Cole known more about pain than he even wants to... Dr. Cole understands today’s medical patient who is frustrated with the lack of good surgical outcomes, shortage of caring considerate physicians who spend time to listen to patients and their problems, absence of thorough evaluation ,concise diagnosis, or effective treatment plans, and the chronic disorders and suffering that effects patients, in every aspect of their lives…day and night.

This doesn't begin to convey how fed up patients are with medications, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies…

The only things we get prescribed these days from our 5 minutes with the doctor are some physical therapy and narcotics, which don't even work on nerve pain. If you've ever tried to pick up a pain medication from the local pharmacy lately, you get treated like a drug addict! It's humiliating, degrading, and infuriating for patients and their families. Patients must endure embarrassment by the pharmacies for denied coverage for their meds, or flat out refusal by the pharmacists to fill the “Medically Necessary” doctor prescribed medications… In addition the medications are incredibly expensive, overprescribed, and rarely covered. 

Americans are prescribed 10 times the amount of medication per person of anyone in the world , at 10 times the price of anywhere in the world!

We are all too familiar with our friends and family seeking proper treatment, but only suffering more in today’s era of so called “Modern Medicine”. (FYI - The term “modern medicine” was coined by Hippocrates around 400 BC. Now modern medicine just seems to be hypocritical…)

The does not begin to cover the incredible spike in harmful and ineffective elective surgeries performed as “the only option left”. “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” has hit an all-time high of 76% lifetime… (That’s only a 24% lifetime success rate! ) 

This crisis of confidence in our entire US medical system is only amplified by the tremendous increases imposed by the monopoly that exists with the current US Health Care providers. The cost of a standard health care plan has escalated to the point where in is not only expensive and unaffordable, but unobtainable.

Patients and families are now having to “roll the dice” with the health of themselves and their families… 

Maybe the savings account will cover it? Maybe we can take the kids too emergency room to get free health care? Maybe it's covered by workers compensation. Maybe I can go on disability. Maybe I qualify for Medicare or Medicaid? Or maybe we will just be lucky and not need a doctor…?

Luck has nothing to do with the greed being imposed on the American People by the Pharmaceutical and the Health Insurance companies, and the end result is our collapsing, overpriced, ineffective health care system that the US Senate, the Congress, nor the president have to deal with in their lifetime.


We all possess the capacity to heal, regenerate, revitalize, remodel, regrown, re-form, restore, renew, repair, reconstruct, and replace millions of cells within our body every day. Without this ability, we would not last 2 hours! Our bodies inherently have amazing built-in healing powers that can be initiated, stimulated, harnessed, redirected, enhanced, reformed, duplicated, augmented, and revitalized as never before in the history of mankind.

This , my friends, is “Advanced Regenerative Therapies”… The ability to have your body heal your body!

No other treatments in the world have the potential to reverse, not just reduce, arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, tissue tears, sprains, strains, and certain diseases and disorders. This can assist the healing of non-union fractures, enhance immunity and organ revitalization, and facilitate New Growth of blood vessels and nerves. Any Ligament, Tendon, Bone, Muscle, Cartilage, Meniscus, Labrum, Follicle, Synovium, Blood Vessel, Spinal Vertebra, Organ, Muscle, or Nerve can be targeted in Advance Regenerative Therapies.

Think about that for a minute… I'll give you some time to wrap your brain around it. No more drugs or surgery. No more suffering needlessly. No more endless, expensive, and disappointing doctor visits.

The answer has been around since before the written history of man… HAVE THE BODY HEAL THE BODY!

Advanced Regenerative Therapies come in a variety of personalized treatments, some invasive, some not. One of the earliest and most successful regenerative therapies is the harvesting of one’s own stem cells from your own body. These have been modified, updated, and combined with other effective therapies to augment the healing and revitalization processes within the body.

Another very effective treatment utilizing your own body to heal your body is the advanced pure platelet rich plasma, AKA – Advanced Pure PRP.

 Dr. Cole has developed a proprietorial system of preparation to maximize our own blood's healing power to 15 to 20 times normal, that continues to revitalize all targeted body parts for approximately one year.

 This enhanced outpatient process utilizes Photogenic Cell Activation prior to Perfect Placement under fluoroscopic or ultra-sound guidance, without dangerous anesthesia, and is usually performed within an hour. Yet, at OrthoMed, the Advanced Pure PRP Treatments “cost less than most health-care deductibles”!

So, where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20 years? How important is your health to you and your family? What is quality of life worth to you? What would you sacrifice to have “Less Pain and Better Function”?

What would you pay to have a “better quality of life… And More Time with Less Pain?” 

Isn’t it worth investing half an hour of your time to find out how to “decrease pain and increase function naturally, without the drugs or surgery”?

This is The Future of Medicine and you deserve it NOW!

Soooo, Invest in your physical health, Invest in your mental health, Invest in your quality of life, Invest in your family’s health, Invest in a life with less pain, Invest in a life with less suffering, Invest in your strength, Invest in quality sleep, Invest in intimacy, Invest in productive days, Invest in your work, Invest in your hobbies, Invest in your retirement plans, Invest in your vacations, Invest in your passion, Invest in better function, Invest in more time with less pain, Invest in a better life for you and your family, Invest in your future…

Make “the best investment of your life”…

Invest in “Advanced Pure PRP and Regenerative Therapies” with Dr. Cole and Change Your Life Today!

We offer Natural, Organic, 'XO' Therapies, and Advanced PRP, and IV Essential Vitamins, Minerals to Boost Healing, Immunity, and to Decrease Pain and Increase Function, without the Drugs or Surgery.

Welcome to the Future of Medicine!

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